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GMG Auto Social Media Content Calendar

In this image campaign we emphasised the strong and powerful imagery of workshop and muscle cars. When it came to determining content, it was decided to have a strong leaning towards an educational component, with an over-arching theme of ‘fun in the workshop’.

We also wanted to incorporate client feedback into the campaign, which we achieved by producing both video and photo testimonials for another component in this campaign. See the GMG Customer Testimonials we produced.

The educational content certainly triggers your brain, if you’re not on top of your car maintenance. READERS BEWARE: If you continue scrolling down the page, you might find yourself contacting Gav and his team to make a booking!

Patties Foods Journey

They say never work with kids or animals; but what do they know? Patties are known for their Party Pies, so we just had to film genuine reactions from kids; afterall, they are the main consumers of pies and sausage rolls. Once the shots we needed were in the can, and the cameras were packed away, like ravenous animals, our crew tucked into the delicious leftovers!

This is a lovely film, that includes:  a tour through the Patties factory in Bairnsdale, Victoria; drone shots we captured in some nearby farmland, celebrating the connection to the land where Patties’ journey began; some fun little scenes we orchestrated, showing Patties’ products being consumed by ideal clientele, such as brunch in the living room, the kids at a birthday party and a Saturday gathering of mates watching the footy.

Interviews led by Denis Gerrard and Greg Wharton offering behind the scenes details, together with our professional voice-over artist enlightening us with historical factoids of how Patties came about, make this film another great all-rounder and an exciting watch for anyone.

Patties Foods was going through large growth at the time of filming this campaign and part of that was the new stake-hold they had just made in Australian Whole Foods. They celebrated this achievement by including a chapter in this film, dedicated to featuring the additional capabilities that joining forces offers them in the marketplace.

Patties Foods Journey

Arena REIT EOFY Report

Produced in an extremely tight timeframe, these projects get locked into our editing calendar as a priority job. We prepare graphic assets, including beautiful photography, from Arena’s amazing property portfolio; results get released behind the scenes and a day later, we have a slick presentation ready to publish and announce to stockholders and investors.

This style of video is often referred to internally as ‘NOT-death-by-Powerpoint’. This is achieved with a creative mix of graphic elements, text placed strategically utilising graphic design principles, and a variety of subtle visual effects and negative space. Important corporate reports are turned into beautiful, ascetically pleasing presentations.

Arena REIT EOFY Report

SCT Logistics’ Inaugural Queensland Train Journey

Construction of the new SCT Logistics freight train terminal in Bromelton was completed; the terminal connected and expanded SCT’s already extensive Australian network into Queensland, with increased accessibility to their trucking network. Now to record the maiden journey!

REDfusion accompanied SCT on the first Victoria to Queensland train journey to tell their story and share in the excitement of this incredible milestone in the Company’s history. This journey started at SCT’s Melbourne headquarters; the train was being loaded with cargo from many newly onboarded clients taking full advantage of the direct service now offered.

We recorded a variety of interviews with staff involved in the journey; starting with the first train driver, followed by staff in charge of the loading in Victoria and subsequent unloading in Queensland, along with many other key stakeholders throughout the journey. 

Our initial plan for the filming was to position ourselves in the train’s staff cabin, but later determined the importance of capturing footage of the train departing Melbourne and arriving in Bromelton. Thanks to the advancement in jet-plane technology, we managed to overtake the train after filming its departure,  to prepare our cameras on-site for the train’s 3am arrival. The logistics on-site were difficult, to say the least, but not insurmountable with some fast leg work employed! The unexpected site size of roughly 3km became all too apparent when I went to ‘run’ to the other end with our drone, while we left camera gear set up, ready for the train’s inaugural arrival. 

What a privilege to be a part of a client’s great adventure and making history.

In the six months leading up to this Corporate Documentary Film, we also filmed a short series in more formal settings, explaining SCT’s business model in general and how it has all led towards the move towards Expansion into Queensland.

SCT 1st Bromelton Train Journey

Team Taekwondo Website Video

Kicking back in the Dojo for a day with the Team Taekwondo crew, with our camera kit down in Coburg, Melbourne.

What stood out to us was how disciplined the team of students was to continue their formation training in the background, as Murat worked through our interview questions, under relatively high pressure, we must say too!

A nice little addition to this piece was the inclusion of a testimonial from one of the “Team’s” students, and hearing about her increased confidence and accelerated development in life, as a result of her training.

Hallora Event Highlights 2021

SCT Logistics Announcing Expansion Into Queensland

Geoff & Glenn Smith tell us about the SCT Logistics business model in this short video series and how their unique approach of buying large parcels of land to host their clients right on the rail head has helped reduce freight costs and complexity; and how it has helped them move towards their announcement of expanding operations into Queensland.

Also check out the third film in this series which ended up being a more extended Corporate Documentary, celebrating the First Train Journey towards Bromelton, Queensland.

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SCT Vid 1
SCT Vid 2
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Bald Hills Wind Turbine Installation

Timelapse can be a powerful storytelling tool for short-term or even a single day project, such as the wind turbine installation we filmed at Gippsland’s Bald Hills Wind Farm.

The two films we created, as part of this project, showcase how a single camera, wide angle, can capture an entire construction process, and how by carefully repositioning a second camera’s location for multiple angles, results in deeper detail and interest in the installation.

We absolutely love not only the technical aspects of our cameras but the fascinating technical nature of a job, such as the turbine installation.

Timelapse may prove to be a perfect fit in showcasing your next construction venture, so don’t let too much time lapse before speaking with us!

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Wind Turbine Installation Timelapse Short Wide Shot
Wind Turbine Installation Timelapse Full Edit
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Marair Dangerous Goods Specialists Website Video

Check this out for an explosive video! We worked with our client, Marair Dangerous Goods Specialists, to create a promo video for their logistics business!

This is a great example of our standard two camera approach. One shot for close-ups and one to showcase the workspace, even showcasing how hard the warehouse management team are working away in the background as we chat about the business operations.

We hope our work blows your mind!

Marair Website Video

The Vines on Avon

As we approached The Vines on Avon, Common Brown Butterflies in their 1000s gave us an unexpected but delightful welcome. Where the kaleidoscope (sounds prettier than ‘rabble’ or ‘swarm’) of winged inhabitants were intent on fluttering to is anyone’s guess. It was an inspiring  start to a terrific afternoon of filming for Wellington Shire’s ‘Middle of Everywhere’ advertising campaign.

Situated near Maffra in Gippsland, The Vines on Avon sits amid beautiful sweeping lawns and gardens that beckon one to venture further into the vineyard and onward to the enticing Gippsland landscape of vivid greens and blues, and mellow golds.

The Vine’s Tammy was a wonderful hostess, happily helping accommodate all our filming requests – furniture was moved, displays fiddled with and spaces filled with lights, cameras, tech equipment, crew and local film stars in the making. There was a lot of laughter and good humoured banter, making for a relaxed environment for shooting the TV commercial.

The Vines’ skilled chef whipped up a delicious meal and before finishing packing the mountain of equipment away, we snuck into his kitchen to capture a genius at work.  Tucking into the divine roast and perfect pink prawns was a fairytale ending to a long but hugely successful day of filming. 

Maybe we will find ourselves at The Vines on Avon sometime in winter, warming our toes in front of a blazing open fire whilst sampling more of the gastronomical delights The Vines has to offer. Now, that’s a tempting thought!!

Vines on Avon Kitchen Promo Clip

Hallora Marathon Event Highlights

We proudly sponsor the Hallora Marathon event, and have been primarily providing video marketing content, batched for social media for use in the lead up to their events. Where on Earth is Hallora, you may ask? Well, just a ten minute drive south of Drouin, Victoria, in picturesque Baw Baw Shire, is the quaint little town of Hallora. It’s pretty much a footy oval, but it’s home to the meeting point and start line of this awesome little community event.

Despite a few setbacks and cancellation of events throughout 2020 and early 2021, the event finally went ahead in the lead up to Christmas 2021.

This was a particularly exciting event for us to film, not only after having had numerous events cancelled and now experiencing the joy of seeing so many people in the community spending time together, but as residents of Baw Baw Shire and, ourselves, members of this running community. It was incredibly special for us to see so many familiar faces through our camera lenses.

Hallora Event Highlights 2021