Farm World Highlights 2024

Unarguably at the forefront of Victoria’s agricultural and lifestyle events, Farm World is held annually at stunning Lardner Park in Gippsland. The property’s 300 acre vista is beyond spectacular and affords the perfect opportunity for exhibitors to promote their offerings and services, and visitors to be amazed at demonstrations, purchase all manner of goods and partake in culinary delights.

REDfusion has partnered with Lardner Park before and we were thrilled to be commissioned to produce a highlights video of the event. With cameras and drone (and plethora of other non-agricultural equipment), we ventured forth to capture a representation of the wonder that is Farm World – no small undertaking!

The weather was kind, entertainment spectacular, animals photogenic, exhibits a kaleidoscope of colour, food and beverages tantalising, historical displays enlightening and absolutely everyone, everywhere SMILING. So much scope for capturing amazing imagery!! Editing such incredible footage into a highlights reel was going to be tough, indeed, but for all the right reasons.

This renowned field days agricultural and lifestyle  event, in action since 1963, annually  attracts an average of 40,000 visitors over three days, across a range of demographics – farmers, families, adventure seekers, locals and not-so-local, and all ages. Memories are made, friendships forged and minds opened to expert knowledge, new technologies and innovations.

 Whilst not everyone would have gone home with a receipt for a down-payment on a combine harvester or state of the art tractor, it’s doubtful if anyone left empty-handed or empty-hearted. There was, quite literally, something for every visitor to experience, enjoy or purchase.

We emerged briefly from behind the cameras to sample Farm World and replenish energy with some delicious fare. Soon it was time to prepare for the rodeo – cameras being our chosen beasts to master.

Farm World 2024 Highlights