Farm World Rodeo Highlights 2024

This was the first ever rodeo for REDfusion and what an experience to remember it was! No bull, the rodeo competitors (some of them are frightfully young) don’t horse around!

The scene was reminiscent of a Wild West movie with cowboys, cowgirls, sleek horses and muscle-bound bovine taking centre stage at Farm World 2024’s Rodeo. Perhaps a tell-tale sign that it was present day Australia was the addition of Akubras and protective helmets to the Wild West attire of Stetsons, chaps, leather boots and spurs.

Filming the dewy-eyed animals contently chewing their cuds or half dozing was not at all fear-invoking but we were not lulled into a false sense of security for one bat of a heavily lashed bovine or equine eye. We wisely declined the invitation to be on the death-defying side of the fence, with these magnificent beasts bursting into the arena to make war on the humans audacious enough to cling tenaciously with one hand to their broad backs.

Every unforgiving buck is calculated to dislodge the unwelcome visitor; the rider equally determined to stay seated, with a seemingly impossible display of strength, dexterity and balance. There can only ever be one winner and, horrifyingly, sometimes this meant the rider was tossed aside like some annoying gnat, with the victor turning menacing attention on its quarry. Thankfully, experienced hands were at the ready to keep the unseated riders intact to fight another day (although pride may have been shattered).

Barrel racing is far more than merely a rodeo event; it’s a display of true grit and a testimony to the connection between horse and rider.  The race is a fleeting moment of pure exhilaration, leaving behind a memory etched in dust and the echo of raucous cheers. It’s heart thumping, adrenaline pumping beauty in motion!

The gleaming horse explodes through the start gate; their rider’s hands steady on the reins, as they urge their equine partner on. Both horse and rider lean precariously close to the barrels as they negotiate the tight turns, truly a balance of speed and control. Once the final obstacle is cleared, the rider throws themself forward, the horse accelerating in a final burst of power across the finish.

The rodeo was, however, more than kicking up dust amidst tumultuous thundering of hooves and the screams of an amped-up audience. 

The Freestyle Motocross Spectacular was … spectacular! That bikes and riders could soar through the air at high speed, sometimes upside down, and not part company defied both gravity and logic. Absolute high octane showmanship front and centre!

Live music performances had people dancing in the streets (or to be more precise, on grassed areas).

Tantalising odours of fried chicken, pizza, seafood and cuisine from every corner of the spherical world enticed revellers to indulge more than their sense of smell. Ice cream, coffee and decadent sweet treats abounded too.

We took away more than just incredible memories and footage – our equipment imbibed a not-so-healthy quantity of the arena’s dust and grit. But hey, what’s a bit of dirt between friends?? Akubras and Stetsons off to Farm World, Lardner Park, the Australian Professional Rodeo Association and all the other behind-the-scenes hardworking cowpokes who pulled off this outstanding Gippsland event.

Farm World Rodeo 2024 Highlights