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Property Home Base Launch Event

Events have their challenges, but it happens to be a set of challenges we enjoy. This project was filmed at the company launch event of Property Home Base, a group with a unique fresh approach to Real Estate Advocacy.

Have a watch and see how we put the edit of this launch event together, by underpinning the story, utilising the speeches, but adding snippets from the rest of the night to showcase the friendly and approachable nature of the company founders Julie & Allan, along with their team dynamic team.

We also had the pleasure of witnessing the public launch of the newly made Business Overview video we created for the team – which was played for the first time at this event. It’s truely a joy to be a part of the journey with clients like this one. You can also check out our story on creating this Branding Launch Video.

Property Home Base

Hallora Marathon Event Highlights

We proudly sponsor the Hallora Marathon event, and have been primarily providing video marketing content, batched for social media for use in the lead up to their events. Where on Earth is Hallora, you may ask? Well, just a ten minute drive south of Drouin, Victoria, in picturesque Baw Baw Shire, is the quaint little town of Hallora. It’s pretty much a footy oval, but it’s home to the meeting point and start line of this awesome little community event.

Despite a few setbacks and cancellation of events throughout 2020 and early 2021, the event finally went ahead in the lead up to Christmas 2021.

This was a particularly exciting event for us to film, not only after having had numerous events cancelled and now experiencing the joy of seeing so many people in the community spending time together, but as residents of Baw Baw Shire and, ourselves, members of this running community. It was incredibly special for us to see so many familiar faces through our camera lenses.

Hallora Event Highlights 2021

GMG Auto Social Media Content Calendar

In this image campaign we emphasised the strong and powerful imagery of workshop and muscle cars. When it came to determining content, it was decided to have a strong leaning towards an educational component, with an over-arching theme of ‘fun in the workshop’.

We also wanted to incorporate client feedback into the campaign, which we achieved by producing both video and photo testimonials for another component in this campaign. See the GMG Customer Testimonials we produced.

The educational content certainly triggers your brain, if you’re not on top of your car maintenance. READERS BEWARE: If you continue scrolling down the page, you might find yourself contacting Gav and his team to make a booking!