Wild Boar Ragu Recipe Wild Kitchen Australia

Wild Kitchen Game Meat Specialists has been selling a range of unique, beautiful meat to Queen Victoria Market customers for over 10 years, and we can personally attest to the incomparable quality of the game meat and passion behind the brand.

REDfusion has had great experiences filming several bush cooking adventures with Wild Kitchen; so when invited to film the first in a series of live cooking videos for Wild Kitchen Australia’s YouTube Channel, we jumped at the opportunity. To be honest, we never really pass up any chance to devour delicious food!

Working with Carmela D’Amore as she exercised her culinary magic with Wild Kitchen’s lean wild boar meat was an absolutely delightful experience. Carmela’s love of life, food and people just bubbles over; her face radiates joy as she generously shares the wealth of her knowledge and skill.

The infusion of veggies, wine and herbs with the meat generated an increasingly sublime aroma, permeating every breath and making us long for the anticipated moment when we would be invited to sink our teeth into the succulent Italian Ragu. Our every hope was fully met with the indescribably delectable flavours and melt-in-the-mouth luscious boar; an absolutely perfect combination! We’re excited for Wild Kitchen Australia’s YouTube Channel to be up and running! Have a watch of Carmela in action in her kitchen below, and don’t forget to subscribe to the WKA Channel!! Keep an eye out for more!

It’s always great when there’s a professional photographer on hand to take behind the scenes photos of the filming action. Frank Amato Photography took fantastic photos of REDfusion and Carmela in action and kindly shared them with us. Frank is our favourite photographer and the man behind Wild Kitchen – certainly multi-skilled and great fun to work with.

Wild Kitchen Carmela D'Amore