ANZAC Weekend Sale Airshow 2024

Held at West Sale Airport on April 27th and 28th, 2024, the ANZAC Weekend Airshow was a huge success for The Middle of Everywhere. Crowds eager to witness breathtaking displays of aerial acrobatics and military prowess from across the aeronautical ages flocked to beautiful Wellington Shire.

So how do you capture the essence of this awe-inspiring event and share it with the world? An enthralling highlights video that leaves viewers wanting more is the answer!

This year’s ANZAC Weekend Airshow held in Wellington Shire, Victoria attracted over 14,000 attendees. Pilots from across the country showcased their pride and joy – from vintage marvels to modern day aircraft. The tarmac transformed into a haven for aviation enthusiasts, offering the chance to get up close and personal with the magnificent machines.

Filming an airshow requires good timing and anticipation, plus three REDfusion cameramen to cover as many angles and as much action as possible. We focussed on capturing a variety of shots – wide angle to showcase the entire spectacle, close-ups to zoom in on the intricate details of aircraft, and slow-motion sequences to emphasise the power and agility of the planes.

James, armed with the telephoto lens, operated from the airfield, which he said was surprisingly quiet. Chris and Wes caught the action from amongst the crowd, with a few escorted ventures across the fence to capture other perspectives. Keep an eye out for how close Wes with the wide angle kit was to the action of the Hot Wheels demo – he nearly needed to have the mud hosed off! Fantastic camera work and dedication to your craft Wes!

The beautiful Gippsland blue autumnal skies, dotted with puffy white clouds drifting lazily, made the perfect backdrop for the gleaming aircraft streaking across the expanse, or in the case of the classic Tiger Moths, ambling in tight formation (not an easy feat).

An undeniable highlight of the weekend was the dazzling performances by the RAAF Roulettes. Their awe inspiring aerobatic manoeuvres had the crowd roaring with excitement. The synchronised formations were a testament to the pilots’ skill and teamwork, leaving a lasting impression on everyone who witnessed their display. The Roulette pilots are really good sports, humouring the REDfusion crew with their rendition of their signature ‘starburst’ stunt, albeit ground-based and without their sleek PC21 aircraft. 

Paul Bennet Airshows is famous for their astonishing gravity-defying, heart-rending stunts that include head-to-head passes, rolls and corkscrews. They are qualified to fly at low altitudes, ensuring onlookers get a spectacular view of the action.

Beyond the awe-inspiring aerial performances, the airshow offered a delightful experience for all ages. Ground displays featured the legendary Hot Wheels team with father and son drivers, Matt and Madzy Mingay, showcasing their fast-paced stunts. History buffs were treated to a rare glimpse of a Hawker Sea Fury, a captivating reminder of World War II aviation, as well as spending time in the Military Museum.

The amazing AV8 RAAF Band and orchestral Maffra Municipal Band filled the air with music, and food vendors kept appetites satiated with delicious treats, helping to make the event a delightful family outing.

We’re already pumped for the 2026 ANZAC Weekend Airshow!!

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ANZAC Weekend Airshow 2024