Andy Layfield & the Sound

Producing video of musicians, both in the recording studio and performing live, is always a great undertaking for REDfusion Studios. Capturing artists’ energy, passion and talent is a privilege and we hold them in high esteem for their commitment to their craft. We produced four videos for Andy Layfield; the main one was filmed in a recording studio with a few snippets at a live gig, with Andy providing  commentary, with a further three clips produced for social media.

Andy’s story began in Melbourne at the age of 16 when he first picked up a guitar. A lifelong passion for music was sparked by the magic of expressing emotions through improvisation. He found inspiration in the works of Jimi Hendrix, Neil Young and other 60’s musicians; this influence is evident in Andy’s ability to weave unexpected twists and turns into his music, taking it beyond the traditional 12-bar blues format.

Andy says that songs are started with him noodling on his guitar, finding a groove; the emotion of the groove dictates the story. Andy’s lyrics are shaped by life experiences, people and blues in the modern world, and he connects with audiences on a deep level, taking them on a journey with him. Blues rhythms, soulful vocals, incredible riffs and harmonica, coupled with undertones of funk and rock make for a distinctly individual style.

Filming Andy Layfield laying down tracks in Soggy Dog Recording Studio was an incredible opportunity. Backed by a talented group of musicians, Andy brings his vision to life; creating a sound that is unique and exciting. Andy encourages his co-musicians to have creative input and to put their producer hats on, believing that the best sound is created with this collaborative approach. 

In the studio, lead vocals and guitar lay the foundation of the recording, built upon with rhythm (drums, bass and keyboard), spot performances by back up vocals and saxophone, with additional guitar and harmonica adding layers of depth. Finally, the recording is expertly sound engineered and produced.

Andy Layfield ‘& the Sound’ are a compelling presence on stage with their very cool hats and stylish gear, and they have an absolute blast performing together. The four piece band – bass, drums, keyboard and guitar – adapt Andy’s recorded songs so they not only work in live gigs but are masterpieces in their own rights. Filming this band engaging their captivated audience with their undeniable passion and talent for the blues was such a hoot!

Andy Layfield & the Sound