Patties Foods Journey

They say never work with kids or animals; but what do they know? Patties are known for their Party Pies, so we just had to film genuine reactions from kids; afterall, they are the main consumers of pies and sausage rolls. Once the shots we needed were in the can, and the cameras were packed away, like ravenous animals, our crew tucked into the delicious leftovers!

This is a lovely film, that includes:  a tour through the Patties factory in Bairnsdale, Victoria; drone shots we captured in some nearby farmland, celebrating the connection to the land where Patties’ journey began; some fun little scenes we orchestrated, showing Patties’ products being consumed by ideal clientele, such as brunch in the living room, the kids at a birthday party and a Saturday gathering of mates watching the footy.

Interviews led by Denis Gerrard and Greg Wharton offering behind the scenes details, together with our professional voice-over artist enlightening us with historical factoids of how Patties came about, make this film another great all-rounder and an exciting watch for anyone.

Patties Foods was going through large growth at the time of filming this campaign and part of that was the new stake-hold they had just made in Australian Whole Foods. They celebrated this achievement by including a chapter in this film, dedicated to featuring the additional capabilities that joining forces offers them in the marketplace.

Patties Foods Journey