3818 Espresso Bar

The life-blood of anyone working in the film industry is most definitely coffee and we’re not just talking about that imperative heart-starter first thing in the morning!

When our base of operations was in Drouin, we wore a smooth path up the hill to 3818 Espresso Bar. ‘Liquid Happiness’ is an absolutely apt description for the delicious brew Connor and Bella regularly passed through the window to us, resplendent with a complimentary little bikky or chocolate perched on top of the lid. We’ll still visit to refuel when passing through from our new studio in Warragul; it’s too hard to let a good thing go! It’s also not beyond the realm of possibility that special coffee runs will become REDfusion modus operandi … let’s hope the vehicular fuel price doesn’t rise!

Our intended 15 minute shoot with the baristas and their shiny, happiness-producing espresso machine morphed into a full 45 minutes of fun, hilarity and inhaling  indescribably delicious coffee aromas. We left with our hands wrapped firmly around our cups of caffeine boosts and memories of a great filming experience.

REDfusion Studios is zealous about more than just caffeine, and showcasing local businesses is top on our list of worthwhile activities.  The short cinematic promo we produced for 3818 Espresso Bar beautifully captures the skill of expert artisans at work. 

Our ‘Short Cinematic Promo’ service is designed especially for small to medium businesses and we love the opportunity to film people in their own work environments, demonstrating what makes their businesses or crafts unique.

You’ll savour every moment of our film, below; sadly, you’ll have to make do with imagining the delectable coffee aroma!

3818 EspressoBar Short Cinematic Promo