Cinematic Real Estate

Our philosophy when it comes to Real Estate videos is to tease, thus creating a desire in prospective buyers to view for themselves the properties we film. The entire house is showcased, but by focusing specifically on certain features, a sense of lifestyle is created, tempting the viewer to imagine themselves enjoying this very lifestyle.

The customised motion graphics options we have created with Real Estate Agents in mind offer the ability to add featured text to emphasise primary selling points, and with widgets to offer such statistics as number of bedrooms/bathrooms/car spaces. You have the option to completely customise using your Real Estate branding, or utilise our white labeled ‘classy’ or ‘modern’ out-of-the-box solutions.

Our first example is a classy brand-less template available for fast turn-around projects. The second example is a demonstration of how custom branding can be incorporated into these videos. Just imagine, instead of where you see the REDfusion Studios logo, it’s your own stunning branding for your Real Estate office.

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Classy Brand-less Example
Branding Teaser Example
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