The Middle of Everywhere TVC Campaign

Wellington Shire in south-eastern Victoria, AKA Gippsland, encompasses 10,817 square kilometres of spectacular vistas and is just a stone’s throw (2.5 hours) from Melbourne. The Shire boasts a uniquely diverse region from the sands of 90 Mile Beach, northwards into the High Country.

What’s to be found in ‘The Middle of Everywhere’? Pretty much everything – pristine beaches of turquoise water and golden sand, lofty mountains dusted with snow in Winter,  rushing rivers and gurgling creeks edged with soft green fern fronds and majestic towering gums, grapevines heavily laden with the promise of delights to come and fine dining experiences to satisfy the most exacting gourmet.

Filming a small portion of the picturesque ‘The Middle of Everywhere’ (what an absolutely perfect description) for the montage commercial was thoroughly enjoyable, as was working alongside the Shire folk (not Hobbits, sorry). The mere term ‘The Middle of Everywhere’ evokes a sense of wonder and curiosity. 

We’re absolutely rapt with the montage and excited to have it shared far and wide.

Our collaboration with Wellington Shire continued and we had a grand ol’ time writing a script, casting, filming, directing and editing ‘Guess the Holiday’. Our two local actresses jumped right into their roles and encapsulated their characters’ personalities to a T.

What you may not realise watching the commercial is that the ‘office’ in which we filmed was, in reality, a conference room that we shanghaied and converted for our purposes into an office. Lighting issues posed a challenge but were vanquished by our professional gaffer team, along with a vast array of additional lighting equipment.  To create a realistic film set involves a lot of assessing, planning, problem-solving and, oftentimes, last minute tweaking but it’s so rewarding when everything comes together.

We’re really proud of the ‘Guess the Holiday’ commercial produced by REDfusion – we hope you are inspired to experience ‘The Middle of Everywhere’.

Our double feature of ‘Guess the Holiday’ and the montage are below … get the popcorn ready!

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The Middle of Everywhere Guess the Holiday TVC
The Middle of Everywhere Montage TVC
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