Acoustic Reprise Live Studio Recordings

Acoustic Reprise is an amazing trio based in the Baw Baw Shire, made up of Jon, Glenn and Jayne. This was a particularly special project, where we were recording these songs the week ahead of Jon’s Wedding, ready to be played on the day. Incredible harmonies, musicianship and allround talented musicians.

So, funny story. We take very special note of everything that ends up within the video frame, particularly the wide shots. On a project like this, just outside the wide shot, are piles of empty guitar cases, amps and recording equipment, not to mention our camera gear and lighting stands. We go to a lot of effort to keep the ‘stage’ clean and minimalistic wherever possible.

So that brings me to the funny part of the story. That row of chairs on the left of frame had instrument cases opened and left there, which we carefully moved before we started. However, between song recordings, a rouge case ended up sitting there on the chairs and went unnoticed. We won’t point fingers and tell you which of the trio it was. When we discovered this in post-production, we couldn’t handle the inconsistency and had to pull out the pixels magic wand.

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Under the Milky Way
Wondering Where You Are
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