Property Home Base Advocates Campaign

This campaign was shot across two days.  As the business model is based around the team working from home offices, it was important we showcase company directors, Julie and Alan, together with their friendly team, interacting with clients in mobile office destinations, such as cafés and client homes.  This was before COVID, so they were ahead of the curve and set up in advance for the current climate.

Spending time with the team, who has a dynamic on-the-road office approach, made easy work of organising scenes with various clients. Shooting this campaign has provided a library of footage, ready for use in future projects.

Watch this unique business in operation, below. Viewers be warned:  if you’re currently in the property market, you may just be compelled to give the team a call right away!

Julie and Alan also operate Buyers Home Base, a sister company with a slightly different strategy. The Business Overview was shot concurrently and is the second video featured here. Soon after we put these videos together, we also had the pleasure of filming the Property Home Base Launch Event.

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PHB Web Video
BHB Web Video
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