Patties New Finger Food Range

Want a video with exciting motion graphics? What about real life, colourful cinematic footage? How about interviews with your staff, or alternatively a professional voice-over artist to really drive the story forward. What about testimonials from professionals and/or consumers utilising your products or services? Well, Patties wanted it all. This video is a fantastic mix of all of the best film-making techniques we have at our disposal, but why not have it all!

The testimonials throughout this creative corporate video really stand out to us as a great strategy. Patties have kept their marketing messaging clear and concise through scripted copy for our voice-over talent, but then adding in the voice of their professional end uses, being chefs and kitchens making good use of their newly offered food range, but then also getting some fun and candid responses from consumers to finish off the video just makes the structure of this film something quite special.

The additional key messaging provided by Patties, in the final motion graphics slides also just ties the bow on this piece so nicely. Along with Patties Foods, REDfusion Studios shares the importance of consistency. We love coming up with a formula to stick to, shaped by your branding, structure is so important for a film’s story and utilising good graphic design which has clean, simple but concise messaging are all important ingredients in our consistency we enjoy cooking up in our films for all our clients.

Patties Extended Finger Food Range