GippsPest: Meet Our Team

A batcave isn’t the base of operations for GippsPest; nor do their superheroes wear capes and lycra (on the job). Their modes of transportation are not gravity-defying, ocean-going and faster than a speeding bullet, nor capable of invisibility at the flick of a switch. They’re just that awesome without the stereotype hype and most definitely not your run-of-the-mill superheroes!

However, our vermin and creepy critter annihilators do exhibit, perhaps subconsciously, an affinity to other screen champions – a morph between Ghostbusters and The Terminator, with a chainsaw thrown in for good measure!

REDfusion’s brief was to produce a 3 – 5 minute ‘Meet Our Team’ video to introduce their amazing staff and inspire others to join their energetic team. It leaked out that the team of bug bashers’ expectation was that the film would be a little dry but with their personalities and quirky (slightly dark) senses of humour shining through, the final product was fun and most definitely engaging.

Film production involves far more than shooting a camera in the right direction and letting the magic happen, or not! It is definitely not a sequence of random events that are then edited to form some form of intelligible, coherent content. Each and every sequence has a beginning, middle and end – much like a book – both are telling a particular story and require thought, planning and creativity.

GippsPest’s Shannon had two requirements: that the video not be boring and dry (lame), and that it outshine those of the competitors. We collaboratively came up with a creative concept to feature each staff member in a fun, epic and bit of a heroic light. REDfusion’s James and Chris brainstormed and we walked onto set ready to create an engaging sequence based around some of the tools of trade to really highlight the diversity of both the pest industry’s operations and GippsPest team.

We love subtleties, so watch out for a recurring Halloween theme throughout the ‘Meet the Team’ video and get the popcorn ready for the GippsPest Halloween Bash promo! We’re rapt with the graphic animations featured – creepy crawlies on the screen and, dare we say it, cute rat that jumps up and pulls down the closing screen.

We had an absolutely great time working with the GippsPest team and learning that pest management takes skill, fortitude, bravery and humour.

GippsPest Meet the Team