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Chefs Pride Innovations

This video campaign, for an exciting new product launch, took us to Queensland for a visit to the Brisbane Racing Club then all the way down to Bourkies Bakehouse in Woodend, country Victoria. Industry professionals at both locations had been using the newly developed Chefs Pride products and provided us with honest customer testimonials.

This video is a combination of the two products being launched simultaneously. To enable Chefs Pride staff to send relevant, specific content videos to prospective leads, we created two videos, each focusing on just one product.

The main ‘voice’ of these videos is that of professionals already making good use of these products; highlighting exciting capabilities the innovative product solution offers their business, in ways perhaps unexpected. 

This was an exciting journey for all involved, and our team had a blast putting this one together.

Chefs Pride Innovations

Dolcey Grooming Franchise Lifestyle

Let’s be honest, we didn’t feel like we were working hard on this one, playing with a number of dogs and watching them get pampered was such fun. At least that would have been the case if it wasn’t a 40º day when we filmed this… 🥵 You wouldn’t know it watching the cool-as-a-cucumber Peta work away in the back of her van, and interacting with clients, but it was quite a challenging day with the thermostat running hot.

Here at REDfusion, we have an extensive list of experiences that vary from client to client. Some require an interview-style video, others may need us to work in an entirely different setting, and then there’s those who bark up another tree, requiring us to work with dogs! That’s how our shoot with @dolceygrooming went and we dog-gone can’t complain!

Working with these majestic pooches definitely made our day! Let us make your day by shooting a custom, high-quality video for your business!

Anything is pawssible with REDfusion Studios!

Lead n Hand

Darcy, the leading man in our short Lead n Hand promo, took on the persona of Clint Eastwood with great ease. What a hero!

Lead n Hand is a brilliantly simple concept that makes tangled messes of electrical cords, ropes and water hoses a thing of the past. Truly, Darcy’s invention will make your day!

It was great fun filming the very chill Darcy wrapping cords up and slinging them onto the ground in our studio; we’re pretty sure he’d be just as skilled with a lasso.

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Lead n Hand Product Setup & Features
Lead n Hand Product Setup & Features Extended
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Property Home Base Advocates Campaign

This campaign was shot across two days.  As the business model is based around the team working from home offices, it was important we showcase company directors, Julie and Alan, together with their friendly team, interacting with clients in mobile office destinations, such as cafés and client homes.  This was before COVID, so they were ahead of the curve and set up in advance for the current climate.

Spending time with the team, who has a dynamic on-the-road office approach, made easy work of organising scenes with various clients. Shooting this campaign has provided a library of footage, ready for use in future projects.

Watch this unique business in operation, below. Viewers be warned:  if you’re currently in the property market, you may just be compelled to give the team a call right away!

Julie and Alan also operate Buyers Home Base, a sister company with a slightly different strategy. The Business Overview was shot concurrently and is the second video featured here. Soon after we put these videos together, we also had the pleasure of filming the Property Home Base Launch Event.

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PHB Web Video
BHB Web Video
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Team Taekwondo Website Video

Kicking back in the Dojo for a day with the Team Taekwondo crew, with our camera kit down in Coburg, Melbourne.

What stood out to us was how disciplined the team of students was to continue their formation training in the background, as Murat worked through our interview questions, under relatively high pressure, we must say too!

A nice little addition to this piece was the inclusion of a testimonial from one of the “Team’s” students, and hearing about her increased confidence and accelerated development in life, as a result of her training.

Hallora Event Highlights 2021

Marair Dangerous Goods Specialists Website Video

Check this out for an explosive video! We worked with our client, Marair Dangerous Goods Specialists, to create a promo video for their logistics business!

This is a great example of our standard two camera approach. One shot for close-ups and one to showcase the workspace, even showcasing how hard the warehouse management team are working away in the background as we chat about the business operations.

We hope our work blows your mind!

Marair Website Video