Dolcey Grooming Franchise Lifestyle

Let’s be honest, we didn’t feel like we were working hard on this one, playing with a number of dogs and watching them get pampered was such fun. At least that would have been the case if it wasn’t a 40º day when we filmed this… 🥵 You wouldn’t know it watching the cool-as-a-cucumber Peta work away in the back of her van, and interacting with clients, but it was quite a challenging day with the thermostat running hot.

Here at REDfusion, we have an extensive list of experiences that vary from client to client. Some require an interview-style video, others may need us to work in an entirely different setting, and then there’s those who bark up another tree, requiring us to work with dogs! That’s how our shoot with @dolceygrooming went and we dog-gone can’t complain!

Working with these majestic pooches definitely made our day! Let us make your day by shooting a custom, high-quality video for your business!

Anything is pawssible with REDfusion Studios!