Creating Cardinia Community Infrastructure Plan

The Cardinia Shire Council has shared a draft of its first ever Community Infrastructure Plan, detailing how future community infrastructure is to be planned, designed, delivered, operated and maintained. Through ‘Creating Cardinia’, the participation of residents is encouraged in shaping the future of Cardinia Shire.

Cardinia Shire, on the south-eastern outskirts of Melbourne encompasses an area that hugs a section of Westernport Bay’s coastline through to the renowned Yarra Ranges in the north. An expanse of Bunyip State Park, lush forest areas of Emerald and Cockatoo, farms and rapidly expanding towns, together with a diverse range of industrial, service  and cottage industries all call Cardinia ‘home’.

Simply put, Cardinia Shire is growing and changing at a rapid pace, presenting challenges and opportunities of how to best meet the copious needs of the community. Cardinia’s Draft Community Infrastructure Plan has been developed to guide how best to plan for and provide spaces for residents to gather and connect, e.g. arts and cultural venues, kindergartens, libraries, consulting rooms, halls and bookable areas.

REDfusion Studios spent a day filming in Pakenham, Emerald, Cockatoo, Koo Wee Rup and Lang Lang to create what could best be described as a highlights reel of this wonderful Shire. Chris and Sam filmed the interaction between residents and staff, and captured the live action of kids enjoying play, art, craft and library time in a number of well-appointed, state of the art facilities.

Billowing clouds artistically drifted on expanses of blue sky, making for perfect backdrops for James’ drone footage of  beautiful vistas, residential development and existing fantastic Shire infrastructure. Cardinia has manicured parklands, enticing playgrounds, sporting facilities, child care and kindergarten centres, libraries, community hubs, halls and places for residents to gather, plus so much more!

Cardinia Shire Council is passionate about the future prosperity of its citizens and it is easy to understand why this region is experiencing such growth; we look forward to continuing to work with them as infrastructure goals are shaped and attained. Exciting days ahead!

Creating Cardinia