GMG Auto Testimonials

Brief – “Sit customers on the bonnet of their car and let them speak freely about the service we provide and why they keep coming back.”

GMG were great to work with – they set us free to simply chat with their customers, on own own terms. Allowing their customers to speak freely, without feeling they needed to impress GMG, was clever! A relaxed atmosphere will always convey a genuine expression in these testimonial styled videos.

We created four video testimonials, along with a number of stills testimonials; all as just one component of the larger Social Media Content Calendar Plan we put together for GMG Auto. Listen to the amazing, short, snappy testimonials below, where Ben tells us how he travels from the other side of Melbourne just to get his car serviced; Sue shares how GMG kept her car on the road for years after what was supposed to be a simple, temporary fix; and two commercial clients, Carpet Shed and Cool Drive, both with fleets in need of constant servicing, sing GMG’s praises. Stories may, or may not, include some hot laps with the GMG crew!

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Ben, from Bellfield
Sue, Blackburn North
Maddie – Carpet Shed
John Goodrham – CoolDrive
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Along with these primary four video testimonials, we also photographed a number of other clients and interviewed them journalism style, to create this array of testimonial imagery for the GMG Auto Instagram Social Media Calendar Project.