The Big Bandalorian

We were transported to a galaxy (not so) far, far away where with an expansive universe of genius, Toshi Clinch Productions’ Not-So-Big Band musical Mandalores performed Star Wars’ futuristic jazz. The Big Bandalorian is the second album by the Not-So-Big Band, featuring the 2021 cohort of students. These incredibly talented musicians didn’t miss a beat and their ability to produce world-class music from behind the coolest of Star Wars’ head attire defies logic. 

In 2018, Toshi created the Not-So-Big Band (NSBB), a youth music program based on an apprenticeship model, to assist music students to cross the bridge into the professional music scene. Professional musicians work alongside a set number of students, with the expectation that with just one rehearsal the NSBB performs a new 90 minute show each week at Melbourne’s renowned jazz club, The Paris Cat.

According to Toshi Clinch Productions’ website, as well as augmenting performance skills, members of the NSBB are able to work on a variety of professional skills such as improvisation, jazz arranging/composition, public speaking, band directing, marketing, finance and networking. It really is a fantastic program for aspiring musicians.

It’s taken what has felt like light years to have music videos ready to publish – the COVID dark side really put a spanner in the works – and we’re stoked with the results from this most enjoyable collaborative experience. To this Not-So-Big Band, we say, “Yoda best!”

So, sit back, crack a Corellian ale and enjoy the toe-tapping music from the Earth-bound Star Wars’ Cantina.

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