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EziParts Animated Promotional & Explainer

This animated campaign had a target market with both a B2B and consumer market with a specific demographic. Under the hood, EziParts is a software development company, with featured website, smart phone and desktop software products available to direct business clients, and an open marketplace for consumers to source parts across the country; so much easier than traditional networks. Creating a fun visual style to showcase the diverse product range, highlighting specific features, was a delight to put together. Working with our professional voice-over talent just puts the cherry on top of these fun but serious animations.

We didn’t have to stop at producing just the one video – EziParts had us produce one clip for their primary consumer market in New Zealand, along with a second video with a more specific approach to their B2B clients, directly within the car parts industry.

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Parts Portal
Inventory Management
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Market Buy Explainer

When you have a naturally complex product or service, you need an elevator pitch. What’s more elevator pitch than a tight 60 second, bright and colourful, funky video with professional voice-over talent leading the way?

In the spirit of the elevator pitch, I’ll leave you to enjoy this fun little piece we enjoyed making a great deal!

Market Buy Real Estate

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Arena REIT EOFY Report

Produced in an extremely tight timeframe, these projects get locked into our editing calendar as a priority job. We prepare graphic assets, including beautiful photography, from Arena’s amazing property portfolio; results get released behind the scenes and a day later, we have a slick presentation ready to publish and announce to stockholders and investors.

This style of video is often referred to internally as ‘NOT-death-by-Powerpoint’. This is achieved with a creative mix of graphic elements, text placed strategically utilising graphic design principles, and a variety of subtle visual effects and negative space. Important corporate reports are turned into beautiful, ascetically pleasing presentations.

Arena REIT EOFY Report

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