Snowfest Gippsland 2022

When we got wind that Snowfest Gippsland was to return for 2022, we instantly knew that REDfusion just had to be a part of it!  Like children playing truant, we snuck out of the office to witness the arrival of snow-laden trucks and watch as Warragul CBD was transformed into a winter wonderland. The organisers and sponsors of Snowfest Gippsland did an absolutely incredible job in bringing a frozen chunk of Mount Baw Baw to Warragul for four hours of community snow play.

Approximately 15,000 fun-seekers thronged to Snowfest to indulge in a mid-winter’s eve of unsurpassing fun; the atmosphere fairly crackled with excitement. Mickey Mouse and Frozen’s Elsa and Olaf were a few of the celebrities to be seen mingling with their adoring fans and were only too happy to pose for photos.

Snow play, craft, an animal petting nursery filled with the cutest bundles of fur and feathers, face painting, jumping castle, marshmallows toasted to perfection or set ablaze over the Scouts’ fire pits and ice-blue mounds of fairy floss kept the more docile and youngest happily occupied. 

The adventurous revellers took the opportunity to climb a rock wall and abseil gracefully (and not so gracefully) down to terrafirma, boisterously participate in laser tag and pat a snake of the non-venomous variety, that doubled as its intrepid handler’s very own neck warmer.

Australian Mountainboarders and Extreme Bikers wowed their appreciative audiences and defied the law of gravity with their amazing demonstrations – we may have been just a smidge jealous of their athleticism. It was really great to see so many hands shoot up when given the opportunity to participate in activities; we were torn between hands up or cameras up.

There was dancing in the street to wonderful live music, with one little fella entertaining the crowd with his enviable dance moves, howling huskies snuggled warm in their furry snowsuits, delicate snowflakes drifting aimlessly at the mercy of the breeze, displays by CFA, SES, Victoria Police and Snowfest sponsors, an abundant selection of food and drink to warm hands and rumbling tummies and so, so much more!

Our beanies go off to the community leaders and personalities brave enough to take the plunge into the icy depths of the dunking tank, all in the excellent cause of raising funds for Baw Baw Food Relief. There was a large crowd eager to cheer on those about to be dropped from the precarious perch – hilarity and generosity were in equal measure.

Then, as eyelids drooped and the chill of a Gippsland winter night settled in, Civic Park came ablaze with fountains of myriad colour cascading into the inky depths of the night sky.  The firework display was absolutely spectacular and a great way to close the night’s festivities with a BANG!

Snowfest Gippsland organisers deserve a standing ovation, with demands resounding through the streets of, “Encore in 2023!”

2022’s Snowfest Gippsland was so much fun! Who would have guessed that Mount Baw Baw (or a frozen portion of it, at least) would visit Warragul’s CBD for an evening of fantastic family and community excitement, entertainment and activity?

Capturing it with our cameras was a great evening of community involvement for us.  A huge call out to the organisers and sponsors for pulling off this event! You can see for yourself why we are waxing lyrical – our video captured it all.

Our Five Musketeers – Casey, Oliver, Isaac, Alex and Ethan – took a break from brandishing swords and issuing the challenge of, “On guard” to enthusiastically share their favourite experiences of Snowfest.

The friends came for the fun of it, the activities, the good times and the snow. For at least one of these fantastic, friendly boys it was their first snow experience. Fairy floss was heralded as a favourite and there was unanimous consent that the snow pit was great fun.

We think the boys summed it up perfectly with, “Everything’s amazing here!  Everything!”

For four year old Coby, an accurate snowball throw that landed in the pocket of his Nanny (Robyn) was terrific fun.  Coby was rightly proud of his newly purchased neon dinosaur light sword that made dino noises to boot. REDfusion’s Chris, agreed that it would have been a big mistake to have left the event without one!

For Coby, Laura, Kevin and Robyn, it was the snow that brought them to Snowfest, with the huskies getting a special mention as a favourite attraction.

This family’s exuberant sense of humour and joy in being together shone forth, along with Coby’s sword, of course!

Sumit, Sonia, Justin and Sahib were having a lot of fun at Snowfest. When we caught up with the family, they’d met some very cool animals at Gumbuya World and enjoyed the petting zoo but meeting the huskies was their favourite.

We asked what brought them to Snowfest, and Sumit related how one of the boys said that all the friends at school were going and so, they just had to! Sounds like a good enough reason to us!

Tara, Penny, Ricky and Caleb chose Snowfest over going to the footy, with what sounded like particular encouragement from Penny in making the decision.  I guess you can go to the footy anytime but Snowfest is a once a year extravaganza not to be missed!

With great delight, Ricky said throwing snow at his Mum was the best fun.  As they’d not all been at the event for very long, the list of favourite experiences would, no doubt, have become longer as the evening wore on and the family enjoyed Snowfest’s attractions.

This family had some wicked dance moves that we were only too happy to capture on film.