Carols by the Bay Fireworks 2023

The stunning fireworks display that capped off Carols by the Bay was a wonderful way to ignite 2023’s festive season. The beautiful Cowes’ waterfront came alive with a vibrant celebration of Christmas cheer, and the grand finale of fireworks left everyone awestruck.

Filming fireworks is quite simply (or not so simply) a constant chase, a thrilling duel between the cameramen and the ephemeral beauty of the display. It’s an adrenaline pumping, nerve wracking gig! The reward of the fast paced quest is a piece of magic preserved, a chance to share the fleeting brilliance with others.

This fireworks reel is a collaboration between friends, old and new – cinematographers, drone operators, and pyrotechnicians. To capture the symphony of exploding colour from every angle, we had multiple unmanned cameras on the jetty (a safe distance from where the salvos of fireworks were being discharged), a camera-laden drone expertly controlled so as to nimbly dart between the bursting blooms of light and several cameramen strategically perched amongst the mesmerised crowd.

And so the race began, as the final carol faded and the anticipation grew, the star-studded velvety night sky transformed into a canvas of dazzling light. Colour erupted from the jetty, rocketing overhead and showering the bay in a kaleidoscope of luminescent glory. From dazzling golds and fiery reds to shimmering greens and sparkling blues, the cascading display was a feast for the senses and camera lens.

Whether relaxing on a picnic rug or standing on tippy toes to capture every scintillating explosion of colour, the entire crowd was united in their exultations of “oohs” and “ahhhs”, as each new fiery burst illuminated the faces of the happy onlookers. It was a few minutes of pure joy and wonder, perfectly capturing the magic of Christmas and creating the happiest of community memories.

As the last of the Fitzpatricks Entertainment and Fireworks’ embers drifted lazily down, the inky night sky reclaimed its tranquillity and the stars shyly reemerged to twinkle their own gentle brilliance.

We packed up the plethora of equipment and headed home, but not before taking a peek at some of the footage we had snared – some things just can’t wait!

Carols by the Bay Fireworks 2023