Logo Branding Animation

Profile-Elevating Motion Branding Assets

Product Description

Transform your Company’s stunning static logo into a captivating animation, seamlessly integrating it into all of your video productions. We’ll create an array of eye-catching assets, all tailored to your brand style guide, reinforcing your unique identity.

Let your logo become a dynamic element that sets the stage for your message and leaves a lasting impression.

Motion Graphics Showreel

What to Expect

We take the logo and branding assets provided by your graphic designer and bring them to life, ready for the big screen. Along with creating your Company’s hero logo animation, we’ll also create an array of visual assets to work across a variety of situations – the possibilities are endless.

All of these elements are tailored specifically to your brand, raising the profile of your content. We enjoy discussing your ideal Call to Action strategy, leaving the options open for future possibilities.

What is Provided

  • Fullscreen Logo Animation 
  • Opening Slide With Subtitles
  • Closing Slide With Call to Action
  • Lower Third Titles
  • 4k UHD Resolution Video by Default
  • Modern Minimalistic Animation Styling
  • Channel Watermark (optional)
  • Chapter Titles (optional)
  • Thumbnail Template (optional)
  • Tailored eLearning  Slides (optional)
  • Live Streaming Assets (optional)
  • All specifically tailored to your brand!

Get in Touch.

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Let us know more about the product/service you are promoting and what particularly makes it complex. What do you find yourself repeating over and finding people still need clarification over? What would you like to highlight about it in this animation or even just leave us a message to get in touch and have a chat to brainstorm.