Corporate Events Video Production

Capture Critical Content for Future Engagement 

Product Description

Create powerful communication tools by having your seminar or event recorded as a series of videos. Presentations by keynote speakers and distinguished guests will have added interest with the use of multiple cameras, strategically positioned. 

Candid video of attendees in workshops or networking also provides excellent footage for introductions and future promotion of events.

Corporate Showreel

What to Expect

During your event, you can expect our team to be unobtrusively capturing key moments and candid interactions between attendees. 

In preparation for formalities, REDfusion goes to substantial lengths to ensure multiple cameras are in optimal positions to capture keynote presentations, and liaise with audio technicians to ensure clear sound recordings.

By collaborating with REDfusion, you will be supported at every stage of creating your events video. We work closely with you to produce a captivating record of your event, guaranteed to engage future audiences, whether for training, reflection, entertainment or promotion.

What is Provided

• Multi-camera event coverage
• Full length keynote presentation video edits
• Starting from 2 hours of event coverage
• Integrated powerpoint presentations
• Optional short highlight video clip edits
• Professional colour-grading
• Multiple redundancy audio recording strategy
• Sound mixing & mastering
• Experienced & friendly cinematographers
• Call to Action end slide, including your event logo
• Option to create an event promo for future events
• Passionate tech crew!

Motion Graphics Showreel

Optional Company Logo & Branding Animations

Our regular clients enjoy these elements being used across all their videos, creating consistency and reinforcing their brand. This is typically a one-time service for onboarding clients to create a pool of assets for us to lean on. This ensures that your media looks professional and polished.

We pride ourselves in creating energetically animated company logos for our clients, with a range of accompanying graphical elements. We do this by drawing inspiration from our clients’ stunning branding and carefully following brand guidelines, with a few drops of magic added along the way.

Following current graphic design trends, we keep animations minimalistic, carefully calculating layouts to support your videos.

Get in Touch:

Contact us today to find out how our team can handle your video production needs.

Feel free to include as much details as you like about your event such as expected attendance, duration of the event, location, and any key moments you want to capture.