Animated Promo Videos

Present complex offerings effectively through fun animated motion graphics.

Product Description

Let your creativity and imagination run wild with the possibilities afforded by animation. Collaborate with REDfusion to enhance your story and captivate your audience through dynamic visuals and narratives. 

Animations are also useful tools for simplifying intricate ideas, complex systems, or other concepts that are hard to convey.

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Ezi Parts Portal – New Zealand Ad
Market Buy – Online Platform Ad
EziParts Inventory Management System – Aussie Ad
REDfusion Animation Reel
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What to Expect

Our team will collaborate with you from the initial stages to establish a distinctive visual style that works to effectively convey your message. 

Breaking down complicated concepts into simplified visuals all starts with careful planning and scripting. We can either work to your provided scripts and storyboards or work with you from the early stages to write the script for you from a simple idea you may have. 

In the final stages, as these animations start taking shape, we can choose from one of our many professional voiceover artists, who will breathe a whole new breath of life into this creative process.

What is Provided

  • A fully produced animated promo video, tailored to any length as per script brief. 
  • We provide 4k (UHD) video by default.
    • Any resolution is possible with animation.
  • Editing inclusions (post-production)
    • Professional voiceover talent recorded in professional sound studio
    • Royalty Free fitting music soundtrack
  • Animation
    • Multiple scripting and scene revisions
    • Experienced producer and motion graphics artists
  • Planning and strategy (pre-production considerations)
    • Collaborative scripting options
  • Passionate crew!
Motion Graphics Showreel

Optional Company Logo & Branding Animations

Our regular clients enjoy these elements being used across all their videos, creating consistency and reinforcing their brand. This is typically a one-time service for onboarding clients to create a pool of assets for us to lean on. This ensures that your media looks professional and polished.

We pride ourselves in creating energetically animated company logos for our clients, with a range of accompanying graphical elements. We do this by drawing inspiration from our clients’ stunning branding and carefully following brand guidelines, with a few drops of magic added along the way.

Following current graphic design trends, we keep animations minimalistic, carefully calculating layouts to support your videos.

Get in Touch.

Contact us today to find out how our team can handle your video production needs.

Let us know more about the product/service you are promoting and what particularly makes it complex. What do you find yourself repeating over and finding people still need clarification over? What would you like to highlight about it in this animation or even just leave us a message to get in touch and have a chat to brainstorm.