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Need still images extracted from your videos? We carefully select and process the best images ready for use in a myriad of marketing applications.

  • We select the optimum frames for use from your video shoot. 
  • We ensure full resolution & raw image data is retained. 
  • Utilising professional photography standards, each selected frame receives the same love as a photograph. 
  • We love batching, so you can enjoy greater value the more images you order!

It is only because of the heavy investment into upgrading our equipment over the past few years, that makes this superior service possible. There are greater capabilities when it comes to rendering out single frames from our videos, which simply wasn’t an option in the past.

High quality imagery means the world to us, and we take the time to make sure you’re working with the best imagery possible.


Q: Haven’t my images already been colour graded?
A: Video colour grading has different goals in mind. Some of these goals become limitations when it comes to individual image editing opportunities. 

Q: You made our film a while ago. Can I still get high quality images extracted from my video?
A: Clients with films we produced pre-2018, will not have the same high quality abilities we currently have. Resolutions with these older projects are limited to 1080×1920, also known as Full HD. This was a great standard for video for many years, but it doesn’t stand up to the high resolution imagery we expect from professional photography. We can still carefully select the most optimum frames and due to the way .mpeg compression works, this process is almost more important to be carefully handled by professionals, but the resolutions will always remain relatively low and highly compressed. In these cases, we recommend our simpler “Video Stills Frame Selection” service, and we’ll provide all the best frames, without the need for additional post-processing.

Q: I have a film made by someone else. Can you still capture the best stills from the video for us?
A: This service is intended for clients we have made films for, and therefore we already have all the raw data and copyright permissions to provide these images. If you have a high quality version of the video, and can confirm you have full permissions to extract individual frames, by all means, send us the video and we’ll help out as best we can.

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