Company Profile Video

Elevate Brand Awareness With Pzazz

Product Description

No matter what industry, sector or market you’re in, your business undoubtedly has its own unique strengths and offerings. 

Boldly define your business with a 3-8 minute video, professionally produced by REDfusion Studios. We will work closely with you to effectively highlight your strengths, so you can promote your business with the utmost confidence.

Corporate Showreel

What to Expect

Our Company Profile Video service is a perfect fit with your website’s “About Us”, or as a dynamic introduction to clients and investors. 

REDfusion will help craft your Company’s story and elevate brand awareness with engaging interviews and captivating narrative, complemented by beautiful, descriptive cinematic footage of your team in action.

Our team is skilled in helping our clients feel relaxed in front of the camera, enabling their personalities, knowledge and exuberance to shine through.

What is Provided

• 3-8 minute video ready to publish
• Up to 4 hours of filming on-site
• Creative director led unscripted interviews
• Experienced cinematographer
• Key messaging scripting method
• Inspiring royalty-free theme music
• Professional cinematic lighting
• Professional colour-grading
• 4k UHD resolution video by default
• Audio mixing and mastering
• Passionate crew!

Motion Graphics Showreel

Optional Company Logo & Branding Animations

Our regular clients enjoy these elements being used across all their videos, creating consistency and reinforcing their brand. This is typically a one-time service for onboarding clients to create a pool of assets for us to lean on. This ensures that your media looks professional and polished.

We pride ourselves in creating energetically animated company logos for our clients, with a range of accompanying graphical elements. We do this by drawing inspiration from our clients’ stunning branding and carefully following brand guidelines, with a few drops of magic added along the way.

Following current graphic design trends, we keep animations minimalistic, carefully calculating layouts to support your videos.

Get in Touch.

Contact us today to find out how our team can handle your video production needs.

Feel free to include as much detail as you like about your business such as what a day in the office or in the field looks like for your team, what solutions you offer to your clients, any key details you’d like to highlight about your unique operations.